“The Voice” leading the way in Talent TV and beating Britain’s Got Talent to boot

Back in January wrote a post about how the talent show concept was evolving as viewers were getting tired of the formulaic mocking of the weak and vulnerable for the entertainment of the general untalented public.

This trend started to manifest itself with shows such as “Must be the Music” and “Got to Dance”. Both of these shows were relatively small as they were on Sky 1 rather than ITV or BBC, but they were definitely successful within the context of that channel.

It’s great therefore to see the ratings success of “The Voice” – beating Britain’s got Talent by 4 million viewers during their crossover and by more than 10% across the show. That is an amazing success for a show that is relatively unknown and that hasn’t built up a fanbase yet and it’s not a fluke based on the novelty factor – this week was the third in the row that The Voice beat BGT.

Rosie Millard of the Independent wrote the following opinion piece on the battle between the two – worth a read.

I’m excited by this change, both as a viewer and an advertiser. I work for a number of brands who want to be able to live out strong positive brand values and be seen to contribute to and improve the media they exist in. A show such as The Voice represents a set of values that hundreds of brands would love to be involved with and the one shame for us is that ITV failed to secure the show and so we can’t get near it. Hopefully that will mean it will spawn a series of competitors that take up these positive values and also allow commercial involvement.

P.S. I do actually hope that there is still a place for Britains got Talent though and it can stop being a freak show and start to celebrate true talent – otherwise, where will get to enjoy little gems such as this

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