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Guinness "fake" ad

So what do we think? Is this ad (currently to be found on Youtube) a complete fake or is it a stunt by Diageo? By claiming no knowledge of it, Guinness do benefit from the viral without having to take the consequences.

Being the cynical chap that I am, it was easy to become suspicious on first viewing and agree with comments of people “smelling a rat” : http://www.brandrepublic.com/News/MostRead/836025/Diageo-demands-sexy-fake-Guinness-viral-pulled/ but in this instance I believe Diageo when they claim righteous indignation and horror that this is out there in their name.

The repercussions that would result from an alcohol company making anything even close to an ad like that would be immense. There is significant global momentum to try to ban all alcohol marketing and advertising and the only way that spirits, wine and beer manufacturers have managed to continue to advertise in markets such as the UK/US/Europe is that they have very strict industry wide self imposed rules about how and where they can market their products. If it was found that Diageo were the source of this ad or even that they had tacitly allowed their agency to “secretly” make it then you could be sure that they would find themselves subject to increasingly draconian laws as punishment.

Frankly, Diageo are one of the most responsible advertisers in their industry and indeed lead the way in setting down the responsible marketing guidelines, so I for one cannot believe that they would have anything to do with it.

Finally a foray into blogging!!

Hello all, and by all, I mean the two or three friends that I have forcibly pushed in this direction to read this. Thankyou so much for stopping by.

This particular posting is going to be pretty short; I’d like to say sweet as well, but feel that may be a little presumptious of me. Anyway, all I’m going to do here today is explain my reasons for doing this blog in the first place.

My main reason is that I don’t feel that I can comment on the exploding media world(in which I work as a media planner,) unless in some way at least I am part of it, and right now I feel actually quite detached (as a consumer) from the way media is going.

Having once felt like I was close to the leading edge of the digital “revolution” (we got internet at home in 1995 which was pretty early) I feel like things really have overtaken me and although I’m a big fan of the internet, I’m actually very stuck in my online habits.

Yesterday my colleague sitting opposite was involved in a Q&A session with people working for him. This Q&A session was held on Second Life!! I realised at this point that whilst obviously I knew all about Second Life, I had no first hand experience of it whatsoever – How could I comment on these trends if I wasn’t experiencing them.

It’s not just Second Life. I don’t have a profile on MySpace, Bebo, Facebook or any of those community sites which appear to have replaced smoking in terms of both addictiveness and the ability to expand your social network. The furthest I got on digital networking was Friends Reunited.

Anyway, this blog is my first step in rectifying this situation. I’ve been in countless meetings quoting the “POWER OF THE BLOG” and yet have barely ever read any blogs and have never written one.

So here is my blog. It is going to be an account of me endeavouring to drag myself into the 21st century of media and the weird and wonderful things I encounter on the way. It will probably be of interest only to my nearest and dearest, and to them only because they want to keep me happy, but as much as anything it is an exercise in discovery – if nothing else it might give me a chuckle when I look back at it in a few years.

I hope to write something here about once a week, probably on Monday when I’m procrastinating on my work, so if you haven’t gouged out your own eyeballs yet and are of a particularly masochistic tendency then please do come back for updates.

Bye for now